A lot of folks have really gotten upset by the Supreme Court decision regarding Hobby Lobby. Amazingly, I have even read blithering statements that insinuate if the company were Islamic instead of Christian, we would all be angry that they were willing to only pay for employee coverage of 16 or so of the 20 different birth control options currently on the market (they were willing to cover all that did not involve termination of an actual fetus…according to many people, the female owners of Hobby Lobby have no right to inflict their beliefs on their employees, but the employees have the right to inflict their values on the owners…)

But to answer the charge regarding Islam bluntly…if Hobby Lobby were an “Islamic” company, it would not be led by women…it would not have healthcare for its employees and there would be no provision for any birth control of ANY KIND! It is sad that more Americans do not understand the wonderful heritage and blessing they share by having been born into a “Christian” grounded nation. Without that as our bedrock, this experiment would have ended abruptly and tragically.

The narrow-minded, pro-abortion gang are so entrenched in their own ideology that they forgot that not everyone agrees with their views on “when life begins”…even the scientific community struggles to answer “when is a human a human?” With that being the case, it is always safest to fall back to your bedrock…to that which is responsible for molding and advancing your civilization…in our case, Christian principles. It is not coincidental that this case went to the U.S. Supreme Court for redress. After all, only Christianity offers the concept of tolerance for opposing views, actually allowing for the establishment of a court system to hear differing opinions and render a judgment regarding their viability.

Only in a Christian nation can a minority group speak out vehemently and violently against the majority values of the society and not be worried for their very life. I challenge anyone to go to Syria, Iran, or China and voice their dissent with the majority opinion…then see how quickly they are silenced. So, before making blasphemous comments regarding “Christians” and their narrow-minded views (in this case, that they opt to define life as beginning at a different point in time than you do) please remember that it’s the teaching of Jesus Christ that allows for your dissenting views to be heard without fear of molestation by the majority. That is why our founding fathers quoted Him relentlessly in setting up this little republic of ours.

And based on the comments by those frothing at the mouth over this decision, our founding fathers were right to reach toward God for our guiding principles rather than lazily pandering to popular opinion…or worse, pandering to bitter, narrow-minded ‘know-it-alls’.



Most Americans find the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East both frustrating and confusing. They are seldom helped by the media that tends to report problems far too late to be properly understood (you should listen to the BBC). So many of the challenges we face in the Middle East are the result of an inattentive administration and an ignorant press corps that cannot explain the “wickedness” of the problems faced in the Middle East because they do not understand the underlying issues.

So, to bring everyone up to speed…here is what we are up against.

First, the Obama foreign policy has been a colossal failure in the Middle East. Granted, they were placed in a bad situation by the Bush administration, but there is no excuse for the incompetence we have witnessed over the past five years. While the Obama Administration may be the most intelligent group ever assembled (I doubt this in light of our poor response to ALL world events) they are a living testament to why you do not assemble a group of academic ideologues with no real world experience and place them under the leadership of someone who has never led a single major enterprise in his life, and allow them to develop policy that will affect billions of humans lives. But, the American people did just that. There appear to be no adults in the Obama administration…no one who can admit the “Arab Spring” is a euphemism for “devastating American foreign policy failure.” This policy has cost thousands of Arabs their lives and is a free falling policy into what appears to be a bottomless pit of internationally bad outcomes.

We have lost the greatest non-aligned ally we have ever had…Egypt. Allowing Mubarak to be replaced by the “Muslim brotherhood” (read “American hating terrorists”) which forced the Egyptian Army to step in and take over the country after thousands had been slaughtered…is simply inexcusable for any American leader. We had no plan.

We allowed Mohammar Kaddafi to be ousted in Libya and that nation was turned over to “Al Qaeda affiliates” (read “American hating terrorists”) who then proceeded to attack our embassy, murder and rape the dead body of our Ambassador in the streets, and then kill countless thousands of Libyans. We had no plan.

Now, Iraq. We can argue until the cows come home as to whether or not we should have been there in the first place. But, once we were there, we needed to ensure that it would not become a vacuum for attracting global terrorists. Guess what? It has become a vacuum, attracting “global terrorists” (read “American hating terrorists”). We have no plan.

The media cannot explain, and genuinely appear baffled by the willingness of Iran to help the Shi-ite government of Iraq. But, if they understood anything about the last 1,300 years of Islamic history they would know that this attitude of cooperation by Iran is far from surprising. You see, over 85% of the world’s Muslim population is Sunni. About 12% is Shi-ite. Shi-ites (or Shia) are predominately located in Iran and southern Iraq.

Interestingly, the only people Sunni fundamentalists hate more than Jews and Christians are…Shia muslims. They see the Shia as apostate. Think of the Ireland fight between Catholics and Protestants…on STEROIDS and lasting 1,300 years…that is the Sunni v Shia fight.

So, now the Iranians see Sunni terrorists, who believe they can usher in the return of the 12th “Imam” – read savior or king likened to Jesus only with a physical grievance and worldly vengeance to be carried out – if they physically unite the “body of believers”…read “all Muslims and all real estate that has ever been occupied by the Islamic world”…ever…in history (Spain should be feeling nervous).

This means that the Sunni terrorists believe they must erase all physical borders of all nations that are, by their way of thinking, false borders created by the West…borders that are used to keep their people separated so that the 12th Imam will never return. Thus, this past week, when “ISIS” (read “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”…or read “American hating terrorists”) announced the abolition of the border between Syria and Iraq, this was more than boasting…this was the FIRST step to reuniting the “Umma” – the body of Muslim believers in the world.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, they were stunned to find that Iran was willing to help in stopping this terrorist group from obtaining a permanent hold in Iraq. Why would Iran want to help? It is simple…if the Sunni terrorists take control of Iraq, their next goal will be to wipe out Shi-ite Muslims from the face of the earth. Iranians seem to be really opposed to being annihilated.

What to do? For the cowards and appeasers…for those who constantly insist that the United States should not throw its weight around …do nothing. ISIS will come to you. Then you can hug them and apologize for us being such a great nation and such an advanced society. They will kill you and take your stuff.

For the greater minds and smarter leaders, the answer is simple; stabilize Iraq – without help from Iran (we don’t want those nuts in Baghdad), establish a Status of Forces agreement, just as we did with Japan, Germany, Italy and South Korea…and leave 15,000 troops and trainers in Iraq for the next generation to ensure the Middle East does not harbor “American hating terrorists”.

I leave you with this thought; the same naïve academics who insist that we cut our carbon emissions to save the earth…and the same naïve academics that believe we must construct a better trade policy to stop child labor and human trafficking that cost thousands of human lives each year…these same folks have no qualms with thousands of innocent people dying because of a poorly developed and pathetically executed foreign policy. This past week thousands of children…and elderly…and women…and men, died in Iraq. We could have kept that from happening…but apparently, they were not worth it. You see, our naïve geniuses think that carbon will make a difference, but they are too ignorant of life outside the test tube to consider the death toll associated with a poorly led “America” (read “world”).



The number of women in the workforce is at a 24 year low…in record numbers, women in America are living below the poverty line and the separation between men and women continues to grow. This is even more tragic when you consider that most of the women living below the poverty line are the only caregivers for the children of a failed relationship. Couple this tragedy with the fact that women were deemed the primary target group for most politicians during the last two elections – candidates who made numerous and sundry promises to improve the financial well-being of women in America, only to be elected and fall short of the promises. So, while there are more women in Congress than ever before, the plight of the average woman in America continues to decline. Fool me once…Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, hoping for a different result. So, we keep voting for the same folks and getting the same results…failure. Insanity!

My Kingdom for a Mature Energy Policy – (Sophomoric U.S. Policies Lead to the Loss of Crimea)


For years, some environmentalists have convinced themselves and many ignorant Americans, that in order to save the world, the United States must refrain from all extraction of petroleum from the earth…in this way, the argument goes, we will secure the global environment and “save the world.” This, of course, is based on the narrow-minded assumption that the fate of the global environment hinges on American behavior. A quaint, almost child-like idea…that is absolutely incorrect.

First, American extraction efficiencies and environmental safety standards are far better than our competitors…both Russia and China.

Next, the United States has more natural gas reserves than both of those nations. But, because this administration falsely suppresses the global supply of natural gas by depriving the world of America’s over-abundant resources, it inflates the price of natural gas on the world market and spurs inferior producers, like Russia and China, to ramp up their environmentally negligent drilling efforts with the promise of huge profits. At the same time, we leave our allies at the mercy of the Russians, as they are forced to buy their petroleum from someone other than the United States.     

As a result, Russia is using its inferior product, wrought through dangerous environmental practices, to shape the policies of our western European allies, keeping them on the sidelines for fear of crossing the Kremlin and losing their valuable natural gas.

While the next revolution in energy technology is less than a century away (and this will end the human dependence on oil forever) we have enough natural gas in the United States to supply most of the global need for centuries. We produce it with far less environmental footprint and at a far cheaper price to the global community. In so doing, we would shut down inferior producers around the world. We would also show strength to our allies and give them the B-12 shot they need to voice their dissent to Russia’s reconstruction of the iron curtain which is closing around Crimea.

Let’s stop being moral cowards. Let’s stand up to tyranny. The United States must demonstrate real leadership. Our elected leaders must demonstrate strength and sophistication in policy decisions. We must be willing to stand up to global tyrants…like the environmental ego-centric groups in the United States…and maybe even the Russians.  — Tilton



Jesus taught that it is not what we show on the outside that matters, but rather the intent of our heart. No other religious teacher ever espoused such a novel view of humanity or self.

The founding fathers of our nation, including Hamilton, Washington, Jefferson and Paine, viewed the Christian ethic, the teachings of the New Testament, as the greatest hope of sustaining a free society. Any law created and enforced by humans is reliant on the strongest to ensure its sustainment and will crumble when someone stronger (with an opposing view) comes along. But a society that respects a transcendent law will value the sanctity of humans and will value them regardless of culture or heritage.

Jesus teaches His followers not to seek vengeance for those who disagree with us…God will take care of those issues in His own time, based on His eternal knowledge of Truth. Those of our society who are too “intelligent” to realize the genius of the New Testament are failing to recognize or appreciate the cornerstone of our free and extraordinarily successful society.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

In one sentence Jesus touches everything that humans care about: love, family, society, justice, mercy, life and death. Humans may be unworthy of such a great truth, but we are WORTH it to God.

How much are you worth to God? You are worth more than His own physical existence on this earth. You are worth everything to Him.

We must understand that tolerance of the modern age flows from the teachings and practices of Jesus Christ. After all, who taught us that children were valuable in their own right, beyond propagating the species or being extra bodies to work the land? Who taught us that men and women are equal in the eyes of God? Who taught that all races and ethnicities were important and equal in the eyes of God? Who allowed Himself to be questioned by women during His teaching and thus underscored the importance of a woman being educated and knowing the truth just as a man? Who espoused the crucial trait of tolerance for those who have done something with which we disagree (He who is without sin cast the first stone.) Who espoused the importance of mankind pursuing knowledge and truth, and that such a pursuit yielded its own reward? Most importantly, who taught us that faith was the most important ingredient for humans when moving into the unknown future…knowing that no matter what, there is an answer…and that searching is never wrong…reaching and aspiring is always appreciated…and success is to the one who believes.

Let’s be honest, we have not yet apprehended Jesus’ aspirations for mankind. That is why His teachings are more relevant today than yesterday. 2,000 years later, we refuse to grow, to believe, to work, to strive toward a better humanity. We accept failure as though it was success. We refuse to recognize and point out flawed teachings and flawed social norms, allowing our children to make the same mistakes we made years ago…never improving…sadly declining in so many areas of life.

The teachings of Jesus are the very teachings that our founding fathers breathed into the charter documents of our society and even though we have often struggled to practice these teachings, it does not make the teacher less perfect…or His words less right!

Just as some societies are inferior to others, so are some religions…not all views are correct…not all teachings build up the value of human beings…not everything that humans espouse or do is good…or right…or just.

I challenge anyone to compare any other “holy writ” on earth to the New Testament and find any single teaching or phrase that would, if used in place of the New Testament, make human existence better.

We should all be proud that our founding fathers were smart enough to recognize the superiority of the New Testament and allowed it to guide the guiding documents of our nation…these allow for the greatest amount of freedom for all…while ensuring the greatest level of liberty for those in minority status…if the United States is to survive as a great power for another generation, this must continue to be our way ahead! — Tilton




I am often brought to laughter by the words of well-educated people who fail to understand even the most basic cultural foundation of our society…the Bible. I am not just speaking about the atheist, who’s faith in the accidental existence of the universe is most childlike in my mind, but also the agnostic (I have come to realize that most proclaim agnosticism to make themselves look intelligent…in reality agnostics are merely spineless atheists who lack the academic discipline and/or ability to actually study and come to a conclusion on the matter…we’re Americans…stand for something! God actually teaches us in the book of Revelation that it is the lukewarm people of earth that make Him sick…be hot or cold! Stand for something…for Him or against Him…take a stand! At least you can earn His respect by taking a position. But I digress.) Even sadder than the atheist or agnostic is the “Christian” who knows nothing of the Bible. The apostle Paul tells us that to be pleasing to God, men and women must be able to take the Bible and properly apply it to life…to rightly divide it. The most fundamental divide in the Bible is marked for us; the Old Testament and the New Testament. At least once a week a “smart” person on television or writing in a newspaper, attributes some law or behavior to Christians based on a teaching in the Old Testament. It is amusing because the ignorance of that person shows their intolerance and lack of knowledge regarding American culture and society.

So, this paragraph is going to help those people seem smarter. The Old Testament was written to record God’s work to reconcile with mankind following the separation brought about by man’s desire to do what they wanted to do rather than what God instructed them to do. That rejection set in motion God’s plan of reconciliation by introducing himself into human society as a beacon that could direct the way home for mankind.

The Old Testament tells us the story of God choosing a family to act as the vehicle for Messianic intervention, based on the faith of the patriarch Abraham. As his family grew and prospered God continued to mold that society; a physical people, a physical nation, for a set period of time, to bring Him into the physical world at a specific moment in history to ensure that moment would never be lost to mankind. He provided Abraham’s family a physical law they were to keep throughout the centuries. This law would make them a peculiar people in the eyes of other humans. But each of the physical laws that God provided for this physical nation were established as a foreshadowing of the spiritual laws that would be provided by Jesus. These physical laws spoke to a need for physical separation from the world, just as Jesus taught that these laws were showing our need for spiritual separation from the things and influences of this world. The fact that the Jewish people could not eat pork or shellfish, made them stand out and was extremely peculiar in the ancient world and underscored an allegiance to God that was recognized by the people of the day.

As mankind developed and matured, the time came for the fulfillment of the reconciliation between God and man…this reconciliation was made possible through the person, Jesus…the perfect bridge. While a PHYSICAL person, he espoused the need to be SPIRITUALLY minded, and claimed Himself fully God and fully man. He explained that the Old Testament was only a teacher to help mankind get to a spiritual place that would enable them to be reconciled with God, thus sustaining human growth and development within a world that could learn to be civil and tolerant toward all humans. He taught that the entire old law could be summed up in 2 spiritual commandments;

Love (Respect) the LORD with all you heart soul mind and strength, and

Love (Respect) your neighbor as yourself.

In other words, it is vital to respect the transcendent law-giver…obeying the laws of Christ makes the world a better and safer place for everyone. And, if we respect God, then we will respect His creation and ALL humans because they are made in His image. Over the past 2,000 years humans have struggled to come to grips with Jesus’ teachings, but that does not reflect poorly on the teachings…but merely on the students.   — Tilton


The constant refrain within a progressive society centers on the insistence that we all must seek to understand and respect the culture and heritage of others…that tolerance and objectivity can come to a society only through sensitivity to the thought process and desires of those that are different from us. I always smile at the insinuation that we are intolerant or ignorant of “alien” cultures and that it is for this reason that we remain an unsophisticated society in the eyes of those who look at American culture through the prism of intellectual superiority.

“To thine own self be true.” – Polonius (Shakespeare)

“Know thyself.” – Sun Tzu

The inherent hypocrisy of so-called intellectuals is isolated in the fact that these same social engineers are truly ignorant of the society to which they belong. I will provide an example later. But, what is important is that if we are more tolerant of a people or society as we come to understand their heritage and culture, then it would seem crucial that we understand our own if we are to have any hope of sustaining the success we have enjoyed over the centuries. Trying to be empathetic to failed or self-marginalized societies to ensure our sensitivity toward a particular people as they seek to integrate into American society may sound like a valiant academic pursuit, but to what end? How do you determine the location of the finish line to a distance race if you cannot identify the starting line? If we do not understand the society and culture to which we were born, then we can never be truly empathetic with the love affair that others have for their ascribed cultures.

Such is the case for many who believe themselves academically evolved within American culture.

“I am a citizen of the world.” Such a statement is an attempt to say that I do not have to ascribe to any particular culture or set of beliefs because I have transcended such archaic views and values, and have risen to a higher, more enlightened state. But actually the opposite is true. IF I am a citizen of the world, then I must be enlightened as to every culture and every social norm of the world’s people. How likely is that? Over 2,000 years ago, a wise person said “Love your neighbor as yourself…” This was not the “hug’em up” type love, but rather RESPECT. In other words, I don’t have to understand your culture, your norms or your standards in order to respect you…I must respect you because you are a child of God and I have an obligation to do so, and in so doing, the propagation of a civil society is sustained. Great words…seldom followed.   — Tilton



The discernment of right and wrong behavior…

The atheistic idea that teaching our children about God is immoral speaks directly to the conundrum in which the atheist thinker finds herself in the modern age. First, an appeal to “morality” as though there is a universal coherency to morality.  For any intelligent 9th grader knows that without a transcendent lawgiver there can be no transcendent, or overarching, moral law for humanity. Therefore, the definition of morality would be left to humans…thus, whatever the majority of humans deemed as moral and right, would be, by the law of nature, moral and right…because, as nature teaches us, the majority wields power and power wins…every time.

They claim that the “fable of God” hinders human intellectual development. An interesting argument, but invalid since the claim is not based on historical evidence. If anything, comparing atheistic societies to religious societies of the past proves quite the opposite. And since experience is the only reality, the claim is not sustained by its own doctrine. There is nothing more ridiculous than listening to those who believe in the utter meaninglessness of the universe as they try to build an evolutionary case for “morality.” It is some of the most naïve discourse penned to paper…but there it is.

For the atheist who has been blest enough to be born in the United States, our society has created a false or unnatural foundation on which a small minority has the “right” to voice their opinion without fear of physical molestation…to openly oppose the views and values of the majority. This incoherency is certainly not duplicated in nature as there is little tolerance in the universe for that which is different or contradictory to the main body. But we allow it…because Christ taught us tolerance…actually, our founding fathers learned it from the teachings of Jesus, and then included those teaching within the framework of our foundational documents, implanting them forever into the National Psyche.

So it is, that the teachings of Jesus Christ, allow for the freedom and right of even the smallest most statistically insignificant minorities to voice even the most poorly developed concepts known to mankind.  After all, according to the law of universal incoherency and meaninglessness, the weak do not have a voice unless the majority allows them to have one…and so we have…and so we do…but if the atheist argument should ever “win the day” then their views and values will be immediately and unequivocally snuffed out by the vast majority that hold no respect and no tolerance for the intolerance of atheism. Fortunately for today’s atheists, they are farther from a winning argument than they were 75 years ago…and the majority continue to tolerate them knowing, as Jesus taught us, that the Lord will sort out who is wrong and who is right. Amen?   – – Tilton